mintty & less

Andy Koppe
Mon Mar 16 12:38:00 GMT 2009

Lee D. Rothstein:
> I'm having some problems with 'less' in a 'mintty' window that are not
> consistent. Specifically while paging through stdin (to 'less'), in
> 'less', the first time I try to use <HOME> or <END> to go respectively
> to the beginning or end of the stdin stream, the 'less' navigation
> hangs until I hit <CTRL>-c. Then they each work.

Hmm, less could be getting confused by the VT220-style Home/End
keycodes that mintty sent so far. 0.3.7 sends "PC-style" keycodes that
are compatible with the xterm terminfo entry.

To get them working in less, add these two lines to ~/.lesskey (and
run lesskey to translate it into the binary ~/.less):

  \eOH goto-line
  \eOF goto-end


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