MinTTY 0.4-alpha1

Ashok Vadekar
Thu Mar 26 03:06:00 GMT 2009

--confirm-exit-error ?

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Frank Fesevur:
> An minor option I would like is to always close MinTTY, even when bash
> exits with status code. Now I need to press for instance the enter key
> to close MinTTY after I pressed Ctrl+D and I have pressed Ctrl+C at
> least once.

Any successfully executed command will clear the exit status, but yep,
I see what you mean. This feature was intended for invoking programs
such as ssh or telnet, or perhaps a script, where you'd want to see
the output if there's an error. Admittedly though, it's little use
with the standard case of a shell session.

So how about disabling this by default, and having a command line
option for activating it might be necessary? Suggestions for the name
of such an option welcome. ("--keep-open-on-error" is the best I could
come up with so far, but that's a bit on the unsnappy side.)


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