Cygwin paths in mingw64

Christopher Faylor
Thu Nov 4 15:16:00 GMT 2010

On Thu, Nov 04, 2010 at 07:48:38AM -0700, LionAM wrote:
>I have installed cygwin together with mingw64 (4.5.1-1). Compiling in
>principle works fine - however the programs are compiled for windows use,
>not cygwin. One of the problems I experience is that one cannot use
>cygwin-paths (e.g., /home/am/test.dat) within the programs, instead you have
>to use the corresponding windows path (e.g., C:\Cygwin\home\am\test.dat).
>However, the cygwin "make" sometimes uses cygwin paths or commands - so it
>does not work well with the mingw64.
>Is there an compiler switch to make mingw use the cygwin environment?

No.  These are *MinGW* compilers.  They are supposed to create
pure-windows executables.  That is their sole purpose.  There is no
64-bit version of Cygwin and, without a lot of head-standing, you'd need
that to create a 64-bit application that understood Cygwin paths.


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