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Larry Hall (Cygwin)
Fri Sep 17 18:49:00 GMT 2010

On 9/17/2010 1:38 PM, Al wrote:
> Hi,
> I appreciate you take the time to contribute all that information.
> Hope it is not only red by me.
>> Now, surely that is a lot of hunting around -- but I can only assume
>> that many people did so, since you are apparently the first person to
>> fail to locate the documentation when faced with the question "How do I
>> run rebaseall"?
> I wasn't faced with that question. I was face with error messages.
> Google guided me by this messages (and many others) to exactly this
> blog first:
> ... not to Cygwin list, not to the readme, not to the FAQ. The blog
> rather tells how to run rebaseall not much why. The comments document
> well that many people follow that advice without any knowledge of any
> readme. You don't even find the word readme on that blog.

But we have no control over that obviously.  I think it's important to
recognize when you go searching for information, it makes sense to weigh
what you find against its source and consider the project's source as a
more definitive and complete set of information.  Obviously, there's
nothing wrong with searching anywhere and everywhere for some clue about a
problem.  But information that comes from sites that are obviously not
the project's site, in this case, is also a clue that further
research using the project's resources and the new found data is a good

There's no question that there is quite a leap from the error message given
to the fact that rebasing is a possible solution (and not the only possible
solution - see <> for another).  A FAQ
entry about the remap error message would probably help some at least.
Over time, the hope is that package rebuilding helps make this even less of
a problem.  But it is a pain regardless without a great solution.

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