how to enable the very convenient copy/paste editing method in Cgywin?

Andy Koppe
Wed Sep 22 07:46:00 GMT 2010

On 22 September 2010 01:54, SJ Wright wrote:
> New on me. I'll  start using mintty asap. Must be better than Terminator. I
> did a cutesy thing with an echo-ed ellipse to mark time while a script
> iterated over some lines in a list: rxvt wrapped each unbroken string to 80
> characters while Terminator ran them off the right-hand side of the window
> before doing so. You set it as many times as you want to 80x24 or 80x40 (or
> whatever) and it still does what it pleases. Except that Console2 unerringly
> preferred my old MinGW .bashrc file to my Cygwin one, I wouldn't recommend
> it to anyone looking for a tabbed terminal emulator.
> How's mintty on that btw?

It'll start your Cygwin shell unless told otherwise on the command
line. Lines wrap at the screen edge. There are no tabs (but you can
switch among mintty windows with Ctrl+Tab).


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