permission denied while executing files which have execute permission

Jeff Janes
Fri May 4 17:24:00 GMT 2012

Twice in the last week I've run into a problem where I can't execute
programs which have the correct execute permissions set under both
chmod and setfacl.

It took me a long time to track it down to the issue described here:

The presence of error 740 in the strace seems be pathognomonic for this problem.

strace: error creating process
C:\cygwin\home\jjanes\patch-2.6.1\src\patch.exe, (error 740)

This persists up to DLL version 1.7.14-2

Given how hard this was to track down, could a note be added in the
cygwin FAQs about this?

I ran into this problem trying to build an updated patch.exe (which I
needed to build coreutils, but which I see I no longer need as an
upgrade for patch.exe was released this morning), and also in trying
to build coreutils from the upstream source due to the ginstall.exe

For the curious, the reason I'm trying to build coreutils from source
is to figure out why "cut" is so slow.  On Linux, setting LANG=C makes
cut much faster, but on cygwin this setting does not result in a speed
up for 'cut'.  But first things first.



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