permission denied while executing files which have execute permission

Eric Blake
Fri May 4 17:44:00 GMT 2012

On 05/04/2012 11:24 AM, Jeff Janes wrote:
> I ran into this problem trying to build an updated patch.exe (which I
> needed to build coreutils, but which I see I no longer need as an
> upgrade for patch.exe was released this morning), and also in trying
> to build coreutils from the upstream source due to the ginstall.exe
> file.

Are you starting from coreutils as downloaded from setup.exe and which
includes coreutils.cygport that will create the necessary
install.exe.manifest needed to work around the naming issues of
install.exe?  Or are you trying to build upstream coreutils.git, in
which case you are missing out on several cygwin-specific patches in the
cygwin distro of coreutils that might prove important in your
investigation of cut?

> For the curious, the reason I'm trying to build coreutils from source
> is to figure out why "cut" is so slow.  On Linux, setting LANG=C makes
> cut much faster, but on cygwin this setting does not result in a speed
> up for 'cut'.  But first things first.

In general, packages built by cygport should already have the manifest
files created for the problematic names, so that you should be able to
work around the UAC brain-dead name filtering.  It's hard to call it a
FAQ if you are only running into the problem on self-built files, rather
than files that are part of the distro.

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