Win/CygWin don't show the same file content!

Tue May 8 13:35:00 GMT 2012

Hi All!
   I have used Cygwin on XP for years don't know what I'd do without it - thanks
to everybody who help make Cygwin available!

   I changed over to Windows 7 in the last 6 months or so, and have twice run in
to an issue where listing/cat'ing files under Cygwin has different results than
under Windows.

   The first time, I edited a text file with emacs in Cygwin.  When the Windows
EXE file I was working on read that file, it only saw the old results.   I used
windows to navigate to the same directory and found the old results when I used
Notepad, Wordpad, or Visual Studio.   Using Emacs or "cat" in Cygwin showed me
the new file data.   
   I believe that I also saw the new file data using a Windows version of emacs,
though I'm not 100% positive.

   A reboot with a check disk ( took a _long_ time ) seemed to clear up this issue.

   Yesterday I ran in to a similar problem.   I used Windows explorer to rename
files in a directory, but when I used "ls" under Cygwin I saw the old file names.
   Again, a reboot with chkdsk seemed to fix the problem.

   Has anybody seen something like this before?   What can I do to avoid this in
the future?



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