Cygwin 1.7.14-2 make/gcc no longer functional on Windows 7 64-bit
Wed May 9 10:00:00 GMT 2012

I just installed Cygwin on Windows 7 64-bit, rooted at D:\cygwin, using the 
 latest (1.7.14-2) setup.exe a few hours ago.  In addition to the  default 
packages, I added several others including gcc4, gcc, and GNU  make.  (See 
the attached cygcheck.out for the full list.)  Here is a  portion of a bash 
terminal session:

Douglas@Douglas-PC ~
$ ls  -bCF  # note that there is no Makefile ...
bin/ DOTFILES/ gcc-tools/ HG/  lib/ OS/ src/ work/
cygcheck.out DOTS/ hello.c include/ man/ PROBE.OUT  SX/

Douglas@Douglas-PC ~
$ make hello.o  # ... so "make" uses its  default definitions and rules
cc    -c -o hello.o  hello.c
make: cc: Command not found
<builtin>: recipe for target  `hello.o' failed
make: *** [hello.o] Error 127

Douglas@Douglas-PC  ~
$ gcc-4 -c -o hello.o hello.c  # (get similar behavior from  gcc-3)
hello.c:1:0: fatal error: can’t open /tmp/ccEwiiBz.s for writing: No  such 
file or directory
compilation terminated.

Douglas@Douglas-PC  ~
$ echo foo > /tmp/bar  # works fine for bash ...

PROBLEM  1:  "make" expects "cc" to exist, and indeed it existed in my 
previous  (August 2011) installation of Cygwin.

PROBLEM 2:  "gcc-4" (also  happens for gcc-3) can't create a writeable file 
in /tmp, but "bash" can.
ADDITIONAL CLUE:  A similar installation on the same system from  August 
2011 was working fine, until I fetched updates that seemed to break it  (see 
below).  I deleted the entire D:\cygwin folder, icons, etc. and  reinstalled 
Cygwin from scratch, with the above results.
JUST IN CASE:  I recently had a problem with the SONAR component  of Norton 
360 detecting "suspicious activity" in some executables I had compiled  
under Cygwin. and auto-deleting the executables.  I disabled SONAR checking  
for all of D:\cygwin, then fetched Cygwin updates as reported in  the 
preceding paragraph.  I haven't seen any further warnings from  SONAR, and don't 
think it could explain the reported problems.
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