Making Unix like paths work when using java program from Cygwin

Filipp Gunbin
Fri May 18 09:56:00 GMT 2012

> Is there a way to get the equivalent of the "native" javac and java
> programs one would find on a typical Linux workstation. If not, can I
> accomplish what I want using the gcc java compiler gjc?

Even if you compile with gjc, you still need the virtual machine, which
is as far as I know not available.

But you have another option.

You can make your Java program OS-independent (as it should be) and run
it from the shell script in Cygwin using a usual Java VM for Windows.
For that, you need to fix paths in environment variables appropriately
(unix->windows) using the cygpath utility before starting java.

You can see examples of this in startup scripts of some well-established
Java projects like Tomcat, ActiveMQ or JBoss.

Filipp Gunbin

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