Is the Latest Release of Cygwin supported on Windows Server 8/2012

Cary Conover
Fri May 18 14:46:00 GMT 2012

Was wondering with major changes to the base distro of Windows Server
8/2012 is anyone running compatibility tests on the platform and if so
what observed results were? Will or Does Cygwin run on Windows Server
8/2012?  I have seen some comments about difficulties with Cygwin on
Windows 8 desktop but have not heard much about Server Edition.
Trying to determine if Cygwin latest release is an option to run
Unix/Posix Products on Windows Server 8/2012

Are there any efforts to make 64bit Releases under consideration?

The reason for the question is it does not make sense to have a 64 bit
Server with a 32 bit emulator for POSIX running any major products on
any Server Operating System Product.

This is like having Porsche running with a small VW Engine under the
hood.  Yes it is hopped up and can run fast.  But it is not going to
run like the turbo charged Porsche.  So why pay the price of a Porsche
when you really are running a VW?


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