Cygwin Commands

Matt Seitz (matseitz)
Fri May 18 17:27:00 GMT 2012

> From: []
> When I enter:
> admin@mypc ~
> $cd
> admin@mypc ~
> $

The Cygwin/POSIX "cd" command is different from the Windows "cd"

Cygwin/POSIX "cd" without arguments:  change the current directory to
the user's "home" directory

Windows "cd" without arguments:  display the current directory

The Cygwin/POSIX command to display the current directory is "pwd",
short for "print working directory".

> admin@mypc ~
> $dir
> admin@mypc ~
> $

The Cygwin/GNU "dir" command is different from the Windows "dir"

Cygwin/GNU "dir":  list files except those that start with a dot (".")

Windows "dir":  list files except those with the "hidden" attribute flag

The Cygwin/GNU command to list all files, including ones that start with
a dot, is "dir -a" ("a" is short for "all").

You might find the following link useful.  It's an introduction to Linux
commands for Windows users.  Since Cygwin emulates Linux commands, most
of what it says about Linux commands also applies to Cygwin commands:

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