Shell script loop runs out of memory

Eliot Moss
Thu May 31 20:15:00 GMT 2012

> 1.  Does "fewer forks" mean that some forks are still occurring, thus the same
> memory crash will still happen, but not right away?  Just delaying the
> inevitable, for longer than my original script does?

I think so, assuming the problem is that forks are not getting fully reclaimed.

> 2.  What is this I read about "rebasing" for BLODA-related issues ... Can
> rebasing help me to completely resolve this script problem?  I read the docs
> about "rebase all" but don't understand whether it would be effective for my
> situation.  Or do I just need to close any of the offending software such as
> anti-virus, then reopen CygWin and try my script again?

Rebasing may or may not be necessary, but it can certainly be important to
have BLODA inactive, which often means *removing* it, because of all the little
background things and services these packages throw in.

Eliot Moss

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