Emacs 24 can't find org library

Ken Brown kbrown@cornell.edu
Tue Oct 23 13:12:00 GMT 2012

On 10/22/2012 5:42 PM, Kete Foy wrote:
> Thanks, I will try those if necessary. I imagine it will be necessary if Emacs
> ships with an old (7.8) version of Org-mode. That's why it doesn't make sense
> that Ken had success with exporting an org file

I think that indicates that your problems don't have anything to do with 
the Org-mode version.

> I was too lazy to clarify that Debian provides 7.9.1, but the important thing
> is that 7.9 is available and provides the library that Emacs lacks. That's all

What library is it that you think Emacs lacks?  Did you try installing 
emacs-el as I suggested in one of my messages of October 21?


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