xz -9 : Cannot allocate memory

Achim Gratz Stromeko@nexgo.de
Thu Aug 29 19:20:00 GMT 2013

Charles Wilson writes:
>> Right.  But is a bit lame that it just fails.  Does it have to use
>> this big buffer or would it also work with a smaller buffer, if there's
>> no memory chunk big enough?
> From what I understand, it will /not/ be able to perform the kinds of
> tasks that -9 specifies.  E.g. -9 represents a collection of tuning
> parameters, including such things as "and use a gigantic dictionary to
> store bit sequences that may repeat, and hence be represented by
> shortened codes".  If you want a -9-sized dictionary, and you can't
> get it...xz shouldn't fall back to a -8-sized one.


However I had actually used --best (which is an alias for -9), which
probably should tune down when -9 won't work, especially when given a
file (just for testing of course) that is not even a single kiB and so
it wouldn't make any difference at all which dictionary size is chosen.
Normally I'd feed it something of several dozens of MiB, though.

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