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Package build service

After pushing to a package git repository, an automatic build of the package is queued:

  remote: scallywag: build nnnn queued
  remote: scallywag:

The results will appear (some time later) at (URL subject to change).


Packages may fail to build correctly due to:

(Note that a successful build doesn't always mean that you have reproduced your local build: You'll also need to check the configuration step output and/or dependencies of the produced packages are the same. Consider explicitly enabling the functionality you are expecting in the options to the configure script, if it supports that (e.g. CYGCONF_ARGS, etc.), to avoid it potentially silently turning off in future, if it's requirements change.)

Controlling the build service

The behaviour of the build service can be controlled, with the tokens described below:

Tokens from all the sources above are collected together, along with the default set of build test. The presence of a negated token takes priority over the presence of an unnegated token.

Interacting with build service jobs

Interactions with build service jobs which require authentication can be done with ssh jobs. Available sub-commands are:

Build service tokens