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Is there a mailing list for the project?

Yes. There are several. They are listed below.

I have a question! Should I just send it to one of the mailing lists below?

Before you send any mail to one of these lists, please check out the FAQ, the documentation, the web and the mailing list archives (click on a mailing list name below to view the archive), so that you don't ask a question that someone has already asked or report a bug that has already been reported.

If you searched those information sources and came up blank, there are a lot of friendly folk who will probably try to answer your questions. Please consider our problem reporting guidelines, so that you ask in a way which allows the folks on the list to answer your question most easily. Vague, content-free, or repetitive queries or observations are not likely to get a useful answer.

Cygwin Mailing Lists

Clicking on any of the above mailing list links will take you to the form for subscribing to or unsubscribing from the respective mailing list.

If you have any questions or problems with the mailing lists, see the Sourceware mailing list FAQs.

These lists can also be accessed using Atom, git, IMAP and NNTP at