Get that Linux feeling - on Windows

Cygwin in Git

The sources to the core Cygwin libraries and utilities (Cygwin and Newlib) are available via anonymous Git access. If you don't know what Git is, visit the Git home page. Coincidentally enough, Git comes with the Cygwin net release.

To access the repository from your system, use one of the following commands:

Read-only web-based Git access

You can view the source via a web interface.

Anonymous Git read-only access
git clone
Git for developers with read/write access
git clone ssh://
Git-less Cygwin test releases

Starting December 2022, regular, automated test releases are created whenever a significant patch is pushed to the Cygwin git repository. You can download the cygwin package test releases just like any other test release for any Cygwin package using the Cygwin Setup program. This allows following development even if you're not comfortable with Git.

Git access to the website

The website is under Git control, too. You can also view the website Git repo via a web interface.

Note that this is only the framework. The User's Guide, API and FAQ are maintained as part of the aforementioned Cygwin source Git repository.

Please refer to the FAQ for information on building Cygwin.

Hint: You need to configure and build in a separate directory from the source.