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case sensitivity on Windows 7 Enterprise with NTFS drive

Dear Cygwin Team,

on my cygwin installation I have problems with case sensitivity although I
did everything described here:

I really need case sentitivity since I would like to use OpenFOAM (c++ cfd
library) inside cygwin and OpenFOAM has a bunch of files like scalar.H and

The minimal example for my problem is:
>mkdir test1
>touch test1/file.txt
>touch test1/File.txt

This gives me
|-- file.txt
|-- File.txt

This means touch is somehow case sensitive but
>cp -r test1 test2
fails with the message:
>cp: cannot create regular file /test2/file.txt: File exists

I also saw the latest thread on this topic:

My questions are:
1.a) Is the mentioned patch in the letest thread already contained in
cygwin 2.6.0 (this is the
cygwin.dll version according to cygcheck -s on my computer)?

1.b) If not, where do get this patch from?

2.) Are there any further tricks and tips concerning my problem?

Best regards,


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