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2.6.x: broken compatibility with Wine

[ANNOUNCEMENT] [Updated] Perl distributions

[ANNOUNCEMENT] abiword 3.0.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] alure 1.2-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] aqbanking 5.6.12-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] audacious 3.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] bind 9.10.4-4.P4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] boost 1.60.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] curl 7.51.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] cygport 0.23.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Cygwin 2.6 for Windows XP

[ANNOUNCEMENT] enchant 1.6.0-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] fish 2.4.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] flexdll 0.35-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] fluxbox 1.3.7-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] focuswriter 1.6.2-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] GeoIP-database 20161101-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] GeoIP-database 20161101-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] geoipupdate 2.2.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gnome-flashback 3.18.2-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] graphite2 1.3.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly-free 1.6.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] gvfs 1.26.3-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] harfbuzz 1.3.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] hexchat 2.12.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] hunspell 1.4.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] imlib2_loaders 1.4.9-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] KDE Frameworks 5.27.0

[ANNOUNCEMENT] lftp 4.7.4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libarchive 3.2.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libfm/pcmanfm 1.2.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libidn2 0.11-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libmad 0.15.1b-11

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libnfs 1.11.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libpsl 0.14.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libsidplayfp 1.8.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libstatgrab 0.91-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] libxkbcommon 0.6.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] link-grammar 5.3.11-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] lrzip 0.631-1



[ANNOUNCEMENT] madplay 0.15.2b-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mesa 12.0.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mingw64-{i686,x86_64}-{headers,runtime,winpthreads}-5.0.0-1 (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] motif 2.3.6-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mpg123 1.23.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] muparser 2.2.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] mysql 10.1.19-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] netpbm 10.76.00-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: gcovr-3.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: ruby-puppet-lint-2.0.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] New: ruby-redcarpet-3.3.4-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] nginx 1.10.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] noto-fonts 20161021-1.git86b2e55

[ANNOUNCEMENT] openjpeg2 2.1.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] opus 1.1.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] opusfile 0.8-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] overpass-fonts 3.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] parole 0.8.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] phonon 4.9.0-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 5.6.27-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php 7.0.13-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] php-PEAR 1.10.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] pidgin-funyahoo-plusplus 0-0.2.20161005git26d87c5

[ANNOUNCEMENT] poppler 0.45.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] postgresql-9.6.1-1


[ANNOUNCEMENT] python3 3.4.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] qmmp 0.10.5-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] qscintilla2 2.9.3


[ANNOUNCEMENT] qt-gstreamer 1.2.0-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] scowl 2016.11.20-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] shared-mime-info 1.7-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] sox 14.4.2-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] stellarium 0.14.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] taglib 1.11.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] texlive 20160520-4

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tmux 2.3-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tmux 2.3-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tzcode/tzdata 2016i-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] tzcode/tzdata 2016j-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mc-4.8.18-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mercurial 4.0-1 -- Python based distributed version control (DVCS)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mingw64-{i686,x86_64}-gcc-5.4.0-3 (x86/x86_64)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mintty 2.7.0

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: mksh-54-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: Onigurama 6.1.2-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: proj-4.9.3-2

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: S-Lang 2.3.1-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: tcsh-6.20.00-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: xorg-server-1.19.0-1 (TEST)

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: znc-1.6.3-3

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Various background wallpapers

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Various mingw64 libraries

[ANNOUNCEMENT] vim 8.0.0094-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xapian-core 1.2.24-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xsettingsd 0-1.20150614git

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xwin-xdg-menu-20161104-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] xwin-xdg-menu-20161121-1

[ANNOUNCEMENT] yaz 5.18.0-1

Application not working in 64-bit cygwin cygwin/X

Broken bash command substitution

Bug in cygpath -a handling of leading ".//"

case sensitivity on Windows 7 Enterprise with NTFS drive

chmod failing on user's permissions

Re: Command switches to remove categories of packages from an existing Cygwin installation

Re: Compiling rtorrent-0.9.4-1 with cygport

Re: Complaining after fair notice of dropping XP support. Was: Not very nice at all.

Re: confirm unsubscribe from cygwin at cygwin dot com

Re: Cygwin 64 problem

Cygwin resource

Cygwin Setup - Choose Best Mirror Automatically for Automated / Silent Installs

Cygwin Setup Command-line Arguments - Paths with a Space Incorrectly Parsed

Cygwin TCP slow

Cygwin: 2.6.0, rsync 3.1.2, "file has vanished"

Re: CYGWIN_NOWINPATH (was Re: /etc/profile: avoid multiple /usr/bin in PATH)

difference between cygwin32 and cygwin64 mounts breaks libtool

DMARC - or is it

errors while doing 'make' for openTimer installation

ezmlm warning

Fullscreen application with Cygwin/X in multiwindow mode

httpd-service is blocked and also blocks cygwin terminal

Installing Cygwin on XP-SP3 with setup-x86.exe 2.874

isn't or hasn't 32 bit support going or gone away?

issetugid - not declared when _XOPEN_SOURCE is also defined

Re: Issue with 'cpan' program

New Cygwin "setup" program useless on my Win-XP box. Not very nice at all.

Re: New Cygwin "setup" program useless on my Win-XP box. Not very nice at all.

No gawk-doc package, gawk source autoconf fails

Re: pdfseparate does nothing for me?

Re: php 7 preg_match always causes segmentation fault

php 7 upgrade -- segmentation fault

problem installing openTimer in cygwin

pure-ftpd fatal error in forked process - fork: can't reserve memory for parent Cygwin x86 Operating Systems

python 2.7.12 pip install with extensions fails with warning: "__BSD_VISIBLE" redefined

python-gdal is broken by libproj9 4.9.3-1 update

remote GTK apps nor workin correctly in Cygwin/X

Resend: pdfseparate does nothing for me?

Retrieving per-process environment block?

Standard LEX variable doesn't work in Make.

Re: sys/cdefs.h or maybe gcc build issue

TortoiseGit + Cygwin git: unified diff fails (cygheap read copy failed)

Unattended install "remembers" the download option

Wanted Custom Shaker Cup

Windows 10 updates causes fork retry no child processes

Re: WinXP is dead [WAS: 2.6.x: broken compatibility with Wine]

Re: WinXP is dead [WAS: 2.6.x: broken compatibility with Wine],

XWin server, idle, using lots of CPU time

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