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git repositories for Cygwin packaging

Hosting is provided for a central collection of repositories used by package mantainers to keep their cygwin packaging under version control.

After you have provided an SSH key, package maintainers can push to these git repositories, like so:

git push

where packagename is a package name you are listed as a maintainer for in

These repositories are lazily created on the first push.

If you are adopting a package, but the repository is empty or missing, ask on cygwin-apps for it's history to be imported with ctm2git

Since it's intended that these repositories will only contain cygport scripts, patches, and other packaging files, and to prevent the accidental committing of upstream archives, pushes containing large binary files are rejected.

For testing and experimentation purposes:

These repositories are viewable via cgit, and are cloneable via anonymous git or http with the URLs shown there.