Question for MaxB: Any hope for fixing the current setup hang?

Rajesh Balakrishnan
Wed Dec 22 10:56:00 GMT 2004

--- Reini Urban <> wrote:

> Christopher Faylor schrieb:
> > We REALLY need to get setup fixed.  Is there any hope that you
> > are close to getting this fixed, Max?
> Why not get rid of the complicated tar => bz2 stack and just check for 
> ".tar.bz2" and use a simplified approach then, which makes sure that the 
> tar or bz2 part gets properly released. just combine those two into one 
> interface which makes sure that it is released.

Since postinstall seemed to be a candidate for the hang,
I'm wondering if we could tap at the following code in

In run(), there is an infinite wait
    WaitForSingleObject (pi.hProcess, INFINITE);

Should we use a wait period like 60s?
We could check the status & provide appropriate setup.log info?
Does take the longest to complete?

I haven't followed all the original threads on this issue,
so I could be way off target.


---- relevant piece of code ----
  BOOL createSucceeded = CreateProcess (0, cmdline, 0, 0, inheritHandles,
                                        flags, 0, get_root_dir
                                        &si, &pi);

  if (createSucceeded)
    WaitForSingleObject (pi.hProcess, INFINITE);

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