base-files: Does not permit the use of symlinks in /etc/profile.d/

Max Bowsher
Sat Sep 17 16:47:00 GMT 2005

John Morrison replied to me privately (accidentally, I presume).
I'm forwarding the message to cygwin-apps@ to maintain threading:

Original Message below:
Hi Max,

On Fri, September 16, 2005 11:27 pm, Max Bowsher wrote:
> The current /etc/profile does not permit the use of symlinks in
> /etc/profile.d/ - it ignores them.

Sorry, didn't realise.  If I change the line

/bin/find /etc/profile.d -type f -iname '*.sh' -or -iname '*.zsh'

to be

/bin/find -L /etc/profile.d -type f -iname '*.sh' -or -iname '*.zsh'

would that fix things?  (The -L tells find to follow the link and make
decisions based on the actual file AFAICT).

> Unfortunately, even if this was fixed in the package, existing installs
> wouldn't get fixed, because /etc/profile is handled via /etc/defaults :-(

What's wrong with /etc/defaults?  This sort of update is precisely what
it's supposed to handle.  The only time people won't get upgraded is if
they've manually edited their /etc/profile (or they have a copy which
existed before /etc/defaults came into existence).  These folks have been
told to upgrade and where it's better to place their modifications, surely
we've given them enough time by now ;)


PS, off this thread, since you are maintaining Apache2 atm, could you let
me know if you've ever taken a look at the php module?  I'd like to get
phpBB working, but couldn't get the php module to compile correctly.  No
worries if it's not on your agenda ;)

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