Question about making changes...

John Fortin
Fri Mar 5 12:47:00 GMT 1999

John Fortin wrote:

>  I t just seems strange to me that I can successfully build the 1-15 snapshot, and yet
> when I try to build the 2-22 snapshot I get tons of errors.  I followed the exact same
> steps for both.
>         Has something else changed that is not included in the snapshots, (i.e. new
> headers, libraries, egcs (is 1.1.1 required ?)) Has your setup changed since that
> snapshot?

Well, here is the answer...

    The following files in the snapshots ( so far ) have changed quite a bit since the
b20.1 source tree was released:


This caused the following program to fail when it was building.

My guess here is that the source tree at cygnus has been updated with the source for
updated tools  ( i.e. gas, and probably others. )  Since  the snapshots are taken from
this (cygnus) tree,  there is not a clean install of snapshots onto the original b20.1
tree because of mismatched versions of tools..

When I replaced the files above with the originals from the b20.1 distribution, all
compiled OK.

> >> Incidentally, are you reporting a bug with the 1999-2-22 snapshot?  If
> >> so, we'll need more details to determine why it is not building.  As I
> >> mentioned the snapshots are verified as buildable before they are made
> >> available so it is likely that you haven't downloaded everything you
> >> need to build things.

What files do I need to update my tree to the complete cygnus tree including any updates
to any of the tools...

John Fortin

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