cvs/ssh and rsa based authentication

Andreas Schorr
Wed Dec 5 04:27:00 GMT 2001

Hi all,

I've seen that there were already several discussions about
cvs and ssh, but I have a so far undiscussed problem
- maybe someone can help me.

I already know how to use cvs in combination with ssh,
and it works fine. Whenever you send an cvs command,
then one of the available autentication methods for ssh
is invoked. One method is password authentication. This is
very annoying, if you use cvs with ssh, because you have
to type your ssh password each time you send a cvs

So I tried to use the rsa based authentication method for
ssh. I generated a public/secret key pair (without a passphrase)
and put the public key into the ~/.ssh/autorized_keys file on
the cvs server. The RSAAutentication option in the sshd_config
file on the server is set to yes. Everything works fine if I try to
login from a linux client - the rsa authentication works, and I'm
not asked for a password.

Unfortunately the same thing doesn't work, if I login to the
same server from a Windows 2000 client using Cygwin.
Although I have created another public/secret key pair on
the Windows 2000 system and put the public key into the
~/.ssh/autorized_keys file on the cvs server, I'm still asked
for my ssh password, each time I send a cvs command or
each time I try to login to the server via ssh directly. This
happens even if I use the ssh option -i (with which you can
specify the path to your secret key directly).

The strangest thing is: I've downloaded another ssh client program
for Microsoft Windows (,
and if I use this ssh client in combination with WinCVS 1.2, then
it works - I'm not asked for a password.
Now it gets very confusing: If I use the same ssh client not in
combination with WinCVS, then I'm asked for the password again!

Has anybody any idea, how I can get rid of this password checking?

Andreas Schorr

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