Compiling memtest from sources on cygwin

Cliff Hones
Sun Jun 19 15:01:00 GMT 2005 wrote:

> I try to make memtest86 from sources on cygwin and have the following
> error:
> $ make
> as -32 -o head.o head.s
> head.s: Assembler messages:
> head.s:623: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.previous'
> head.s:694: Error: can't handle non absolute segment in `ljmp'
> head.s:917: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.previous'
> head.s:923: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.previous'
> head.s:929: Error: unknown pseudo-op: `.previous'
> make: *** [head.o] Error 1
> I suspect, that this is not right forum to ask, but I do not know where
> to look for the answer. My question is: what is '.previous' pseudo-op,
> and where should I look for assembler (GNU?) documentation.

Not really on topic, and a quick google finds this:

so .previous is accepted by Sun's x86 assembler.  I can't see
any reference to .prefix in the Gnu assembler manual however
(google for "gnu gas manual") - so I guess the memtest86
people may well be using Sun's.

Since .previous just reselects the previous section  it wouldn't
be difficult to edit the source (head.S) to manually reselect
the section.

BTW - the makefile uses head.s and head.S as separate files - so
to work under Cygwin you will need to use a managed mount.

-- Cliff

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