activestate perl on cygwin

Kevin T Cella
Fri Jan 12 02:58:00 GMT 2007

> [snip] you only need the wrapper script to transform the script name from
> POSIX path style to Win32 style, and only if it's in the #! (shebang)
> line of a perl script.  That was what my wrapper script was designed to do
> (as shown by the example usage). You do NOT need a wrapper to run the
> command above -- just invoke ActiveState perl directly.

This is brilliant! I have no idea why I did not see it before, but this
my problem in a very concise way. My wrapper script can mimic yours if the
of arguments is exactly 2. If they are greater than 2, then I will invoke
perl directly making sure to use Windows style paths when appropriate (ie:
perl -c <file>).

On another, more apologetic note...

I cannot believe I have not been kicked off this mailing list yet. Everyone
has been
more than helpful and I have just been a complete ass. Honestly, I could not
tell you
why, but for whatever reason it was kind of fun trying to find an angry
retort. Maybe
I finally snapped, all too often I post technical questions to forums or
mailing lists
without any solutions to my problems. I swear this is not me being
sarcastic. You have
my word I will continue to be less caustic. My rant is over. Thanks!

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