autorebase.bat stalls during setup-x86.exe

Fritz, Jason
Fri Aug 23 18:40:00 GMT 2013

Hi Corinna,

My environment seems to have been seriously damaged by the upgrade.  I started a bash (not dash) shell and immediately saw these errors:

-bash: id: command not found
-bash: id: command not found
-bash: cut: command not found

I tried running 'ls' and also got "command not found".  My Cygwin/bin dir is missing ls.exe.

I tried running 'rebaseall' but got strange errors:

jfritz@JFRITZ-W7 ~
$ /usr/bin/rebaseall
-bash: /usr/bin/rebaseall: /bin/ash: bad interpreter: Permission denied

Running "cygcheck -c" shows lots of incomplete packages (output below).

BTW, I wasn't clear in my last email.  The 7 min stall ended when I cancelled the installer because the autorebase.bat was stuck again.

I guess I'll reinstall.  Thank you for your help.
- Jason

$ cygcheck -c
Cygwin Package Information
Package              Version              Status
_autorebase          000393-1             OK
_update-info-dir     01180-1              OK
alternatives         1.3.30c-10           OK
base-cygwin          3.3-1                OK
base-files           4.1-1                OK
bash                 4.1.10-4             Incomplete
bison                2.7.1-1              OK
bzip2                1.0.6-2              Incomplete
coreutils            8.15-1               Incomplete
crypt                1.2-1                OK
csih                 0.9.7-1              OK
cygrunsrv            1.40-2               OK
cygutils             1.4.14-1             OK
cygwin               1.7.24-1             OK
cygwin-doc           1.7-1                OK
dash                 0.5.7-1              Incomplete
diffutils            3.2-1                Incomplete
dos2unix             6.0.3-1              OK
dri-drivers          8.0.5-1              OK
editrights           1.01-2               OK
file                 5.11-1               Incomplete
findutils            4.5.11-1             Incomplete
flex                 2.5.35-1             OK
font-adobe-dpi75     1.0.2-1              OK
font-alias           1.0.3-1              OK
font-encodings       1.0.4-1              OK
font-misc-misc       1.1.1-1              OK
fontconfig           2.10.93-1            OK
gawk                 4.1.0-1              OK
gettext               Incomplete
grep                 2.6.3-1              Incomplete
groff                1.21-2               Incomplete
gzip                 1.4-1                Incomplete
inetutils            1.7-2                Incomplete
ipc-utils            1.0-1                OK
less                 444-1                Incomplete
libasn1_8            1.5.2-4              OK
libattr1             2.4.46-1             OK
libblkid1            2.21.2-1             OK
libbz2_1             1.0.6-2              OK
libcom_err2          1.42.7-1             OK
libdb4.5              OK
libedit0             20120311-1           OK
libexpat1            2.1.0-3              OK
libffi4              4.5.3-3              OK
libfontconfig1       2.10.93-1            OK
libfontenc1          1.1.2-1              OK
libfreetype6         2.4.12-1             OK
libgcc1              4.7.3-1              OK
libgdbm4             1.8.3-20             OK
libglapi0            8.0.5-1              OK
libgmp10             5.1.2-1              OK
libgmp3              4.3.2-1              OK
libgssapi3           1.5.2-4              OK
libheimbase1         1.5.2-4              OK
libheimntlm0         1.5.2-4              OK
libhx509_5           1.5.2-4              OK
libICE6              1.0.8-1              OK
libiconv2            1.14-2               OK
libintl8              OK
libkafs0             1.5.2-4              OK
libkrb5_26           1.5.2-4              OK
libllvm3.1           3.1-3                OK
liblzma5             5.0.2_20110517-1     OK
libmpfr4             3.1.2-1              OK
libncurses10         5.7-18               OK
libncursesw10        5.7-18               OK
libopenssl100        1.0.1e-2             OK
libpcre0             8.21-2               OK
libpixman1_0         0.30.2-1             OK
libpopt0             1.6.4-4              OK
libreadline7         6.1.2-3              OK
libroken18           1.5.2-4              OK
libsigsegv2          2.10-1               OK
libSM6               1.2.1-1              OK
libsqlite3_0         3.7.17-3             OK
libssp0              4.7.3-1              OK
libstdc++6           4.7.3-1              OK
libuuid1             2.21.2-1             OK
libwind0             1.5.2-4              OK
libwrap0             7.6-21               OK
libX11-xcb1          1.6.0-1              OK
libX11_6             1.6.0-1              OK
libXau6              1.0.8-1              OK
libXaw7              1.0.11-1             OK
libxcb-icccm4        0.3.9-1              OK
libxcb-image0        0.3.9-1              OK
libxcb-shm0          1.9.1-2              OK
libxcb-util1         0.3.9-1              OK
libxcb1              1.9.1-2              OK
libXdmcp6            1.1.1-1              OK
libXext6             1.3.2-1              OK
libXfixes3           5.0.1-1              OK
libXft2              2.3.1-1              OK
libxkbfile1          1.0.8-1              OK
libxml2              2.9.1-1              OK
libXmu6              1.1.1-1              OK
libXmuu1             1.1.1-1              OK
libXpm4              3.5.10-1             OK
libXrender1          0.9.8-1              OK
libXt6               1.1.4-1              OK
login                1.10-10              OK
luit                 20121014-1           OK
m4                   1.4.16-1             Incomplete
man                  1.6g-2               OK
mintty               1.1.3-1              OK
mkfontdir            1.0.7-1              OK
mkfontscale          1.1.1-1              OK
openssh              6.2p2-1              OK
perl                 5.14.2-3             OK
perl_vendor          5.14.2-3             OK
rebase               4.4.0-1              Incomplete
run                  1.3.0-1              OK
sed                  4.2.2-3              OK
tar                  1.26-1               OK
terminfo             5.7_20091114-14      OK
texinfo              4.13-4               Incomplete
tzcode               2013c-1              OK
util-linux           2.21.2-1             OK
vim-minimal          7.3.1152-1           OK
which                2.20-2               OK
X-start-menu-icons   1.0.4-1              OK
xauth                1.0.7-1              OK
xcursor-themes       1.0.4-1              OK
xf86-video-dummy     0.3.6-2              OK
xf86-video-nested    0.1.0-3              OK
xinit                1.3.2-1              Incomplete
xkbcomp              1.2.4-1              OK
xkeyboard-config     2.9-1                OK
xmodmap              1.0.7-1              Incomplete
xorg-docs            1.7-1                OK
xorg-server          1.14.2-1             OK
xorg-server-common   1.14.2-1             OK
xrdb                 1.0.9-1              Incomplete
xterm                291-1                OK
xz                   5.0.2_20110517-1     Incomplete
zlib0                1.2.8-1              OK

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On Aug 23 16:26, Fritz, Jason wrote:
> Thanks Corinna, I suppose I'll try to reinstall.  Is there an easy way 
> to see a list of packages I've installed on top of the default 
> install, so that I can install all those same packages?

Uh, no, there's no such functionality, but you can call `cygcheck -c'
to see the list of all installed packages.

> FYI, each time I run setup-x86.exe I get the same behavior.  Here is a 
> snippet of a follow-on session from setup.log (notice the 7 min stall 
> at autorebase.bat):

I'm not sure why it should take seven minutes, but it can take a lot of time of you installed a lot of DLLs.  It's nothing to worry about, as long as it works.

Can you try what happens if you stop all Cygwin processes, start a lone dash.exe and enter "/usr/bin/rebaseall" on the command line?
Does it run and silently exits, or do you see any kind of error message?


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