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(experimental) Package build service

After pushing to a package git repository, an automatic build of the package is queued:

remote: scallywag: build nnnn queued

The results will appear (some time later) at (URL subject to change).


Currently, many packages will fail to build correctly due to:

  1. missing or insufficient BUILD_REQUIRES
  2. missing prerequisites implied by an inherit, or other bugs
  3. resource limits imposed by AppVeyor's free service, which is currently used to perform the actual builds

This is a prototype system, and at this stage, this is only probably useful for verifying that BUILD_REQUIRES is correct.

(Note that a successful build doesn't always mean that you have reproduced your local build: You'll also need to check the configuration step output and/or dependencies of the produced packages are the same. Consider explicitly enabling the functionality you are expecting in the options to the configure script, if it supports that (e.g. CYGCONF_ARGS, etc.), to avoid it potentially silently turning off in future, if it's requirements change.)

Controlling the build service

The following tokens are recognized in the SCALLYWAG variable set in the .cygport file: