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  • 1999-03-28 17:03 Rick Rankin

    Re: "Accented" characters

    "Out of environment space" error

    Re: 'flip' program needed

    'ntea' CHECK please (was Re: Compiling Perl)

    (Problem building program)

    Re: <kein Betreff>

    RE: ÆANNÅ Cygwin DEV survey

    [ANN] CLN 1.0 port for Cygwin/Mingw

    [ANN] Creating Excel-callable DLLs with GCC

    RE: [ANN] Creating Excel-callable DLLs with GCC - fails!

    RE: [ANN] Creating Excel-callable DLLs with GCC - fails! -works w ith 1999-01-15 DLL !

    RE: [ANN] Creating Excel-callable DLLs with GCC - fails! -works with 1999-01-15 DLL !

    [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey

    [ANN] EGCS-1.1.2 binaries for Cygwin b20.1 available

    [ANN] EGCS-1.1.2 for Mingw (i386-mingw32) available

    [ANN] GMP 2.0.2 binaries for cygwin/mingw

    [ANN] Python header patched to build modules with mingw32

    Re: [ANN]: Sun RPC 4.0, Patch to xdr_float

    [B20.1]: Permission denied, sometimes

    Re: [bug] Crazy I/O

    [bug] Crazy I/O.

    Re: [bug] Crazy I/O. -cont.

    [FAQ autopost] gnuwin32 resource pointer

    [FYI] Cygwin DEV distribution

    [HELP] stat(), file permission, r/w access : i'm LOST :(

    [ hey i have a question about the /tmp]

    Re: _FANNE_Cygwin_DEV_survey

    _WIN32_IE flag and common controls...

    Access to Win32 Processes from shell

    Account management

    Acess to the graphic memory

    Active Perl console access

    Again about physical disks.


    Any cygwin ports of Berkeley DB libraries?

    B19: wrong reading of date formats

    B20 cygwin1.dll error after running 'make'

    B20.1 "reloc table overflow" problem

    B20.1 and SYBASE OpenClient 10.0.4

    b20.1 bug, developers please help

    b20.1 chmod does not work right

    B20.1 NT4SP3: cannot create directory "aux"

    B20.1 under NT4.0, non blocking I/O

    B20.1: \r from DOS program breaks bash for loop

    B20.1: bug with byacc (Windows NT 4.0) - missing infos

    B20.1: byacc bug (Windows NT 4.0 server)

    B20.1: how to build for MinGW32?

    B20.1: NT - Cannot install from full-split directory

    B20.1: Returning from pause() before signal handler runs?

    B20.1: small change for dlltool to enhance portability

    B20: Bug? backslashes and stars within args of ls

    Re: B20: cannot debug a program with GDB that has been linked with -ladvapi32

    B20: cannot debug a program with GDB that has been linked with -ladvapi32

    B20: mv deletes files on error (NT)

    B20: sh.exe Application error

    Bash 3.02 (w/small patch)

    Belotti Marco

    Better console for Win95

    Binary distributions of sourceware products

    bug-fix in textutils

    Building wxWindows/Mingw executables using Cygwin32

    C compiler headers

    calling cygwin1.dll back

    Can I create a DLL with g++?

    Can I read a dd created tape?

    Cannot link against -lbfd?

    CD Command and dirs with spaces

    CFORTRAN for cygwin/egcs?


    Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

    Compiling Circle mud under GNU

    Re: compiling file 3.26

    Compiling Gnome project

    Compiling Perl under b20.1

    Compiling PM3 Modula-3, worked under B20.0, now hangs "rm", "as", others in infinite loop on B20.1

    Control-Z under bash to suspend jobs

    Cursor Control under Cygwin

    Re: Cygnus build problems on GNU Libc 2.1 Linux

    Fwd: Re: cygnuswin32

    Cygwin + Borland Libs ? Cygwin + X2C ?

    Cygwin Beta 20.1 - porting code to Linux

    Cygwin license

    Re: Cygwin license -- Please let this thread die

    Cygwin licensing: Six pragmatic points

    Re: Cygwin32: Catastrophic fail - unable to Create pinfo_mutex

    Re: Cywgin + XEmacs + Tcsh: error messages.

    Re: DateTime Picker and MonthCal ctrl. under b20

    DateTime Picker and MonthCal ctrl. under b20.

    Daylight saving bug in winsup/

    dlls are completely free?

    Docs for libiberty?


    Re: Does GPL apply without Cygwin stub?

    Re: Does GPL apply without Cygwin stub? [long and off-topic] (was Re: [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey)

    Re: Does GPL apply without Cygwin stub? [long and off-topic] (was Re: [ANN] Cygwin DEV survey)

    echo fails to behave and documented


    egcs 1.1.1: odd warning message with template friend functions

    egcs 1.1.2 (egcs-2.91.66) cross to ppc-elf dies with internal compiler error on this code!

    egcs-1.1.1: bugs with template classes

    Re: empty bash window

    Excel-callable DLL [RE: CFORTRAN for cygwin/egcs?]

    Fast bash acccess

    re: find

    find, ksh, and job control

    First time compiling problems

    flex, bison and gcc

    Free-Forms engine

    Freeciv Binaries

    Freetrek port

    Function and Arrow Key characters are not comming in sequence

    Further to stack problem in B20.1

    g++ is not complete

    GCC and include PATH

    gcc can't find cpp, but GCC_EXEC_PREFIX is not set

    Re: GCC Internal Compiler Error When Compiling with -pipe

    gdb problem

    gdb under EMACS - only works on drive C:

    GDB, m68k-coff, remote debugging

    Getting the delete key to generate \177

    GMP 2.0.2 DLL issues and solutions

    GNUPro Toolkit question

    Good News; Questions about Korn Shell for Win32

    gtk+ and it's glib?

    Has anybody been able to build perl 5.002 under b20 ?


    Help with GBDTK and IO

    Re: Help with installing

    Help with linking

    Hmmm, dllcrt0.o not found

    How can I get off of this list?

    How to handle variables (data, etc.) in DLLs?

    How to turn off Win95 console toolbar?

    import libraries for 3rd-party DLLs

    inserting asm inside C programs

    Interesting bug?

    Is there a problem?

    It is mail of the reward.

    ivtools on cygwin

    Job Control in the Bourne Shell

    Re: Ksh gives error message, "This program cannot be run in MS-DOS mode"

    Legality issues

    lesstif 0.88.0 for Cygwin are out!

    Fw: LessTif Release 0.88.0 is out

    libc and crt support...

    libx11.a -> x11.lib


    licensing NOT clear for me

    linking and iostreams

    Lots of Money....Little Work.....Let Me Show You How

    Make problem

    make Problem

    make problem in NT

    Re: Make/Bash beta 20.1: can't find /c?


    Making DLL's

    Making DLL's.

    Mingw32 & NT header files

    MinGW32 make.exe not executing shell commands.

    Missing Defines for Progress Bar Control (b20)

    Missing Defines for Rich Edit Control (b20)

    Missing Defines For ToolTip Control (b20)

    Missing ImageList fns. , Tab control defines and ComCtl32 exports (b20)

    Re: MKS Tool kit copies request

    mount command

    Move to different cases

    Re: mySQL, mSQL, PostgreSQL with cygwin ?

    new user question - Cygwin and Mingw32 compatibility?

    No acceptable ld found

    No response to my problem ??

    No Subject

    No Suits, No Commutes !!!

    NT file permissions

    NT server and cygnus

    nt sshd problems for newbie

    Re: NT/X-Xemacs binary (long)

    NTFS file time

    objcopy converting a.out to ELF with DWARF2 for i386

    ODBC 3.5 SDK related query.

    re: ODBC 3.5 with cygwin B20.1

    odd tar bug (1969-- ?) with beta 20.1 (first reported with beta 19)

    One more thing. . . SH, BASH, and KSH

    page fault

    patches to objdump and link M$-compiled objects...

    PATH problems with perl and make for shell commands.

    Re: permission denied with 8mm tape drive

    Please help with make

    Re: port of du?

    Problem Building cygwin1.dll from January Snapshot

    problem building egcs-1.1.2

    problem with cygwin version of egcs

    Problem with DLL

    problem with Win32->POSIX conversion of A:FOO

    problems compiling

    problems compiling EGCS snapshots

    Problems inheriting PATH from parent fixed in Cygwin 20

    Problems with "find" and job control.

    Problems with the Ksh. . .

    problems with windres

    Qt free edition

    question from new user re wsock32.dll + msvcrt.dll (and other stuff)

    question of library

    rdist, anyone?

    Reading physical disks.

    recursive back ground jobs crash

    Relocatable DLLs


    Resource compilation / POV-Ray - GNU windres


    RPC : clnt_create_timed

    rxvt is slow

    rxvt port to win32 api updated

    sed and umlaut characters

    FW: seeing limits.h from newlib (fwd)

    setbuf() problem

    Re: setmode (long)


    Re: sh can't run any programs from script when PATH exceeds 2500

    Signal Handling on W95

    solved: problem compiling

    Some minor comments to the docs - cygwin-ug

    spawning nmake from a gnumake Makefile

    Stack problem in Beta 20.1 ???

    Re: Starting emacs under bash

    STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION in egcs-1.1.1 (cygwin) compiled program

    Re: strange mount behaviour...

    switched from cygwin32 to cygwin


    Fw: Tcl/Tk 8.1 schedule: please test now

    testing mailing list

    text vs binary mode yet again

    Re: text/binary

    Re: Thanks a lot!!

    This C++ code fails

    Time offset strangeness

    Time taken for ls -la --color=yes

    Troubles while building Readline and ncurses with -mno-cygwin

    RE: troubles while building wxWindows/C++ Mingw executables usin

    troubles while building wxWindows/C++ Mingw executables using Cygwin

    tty strangeness and other questions

    Re: unsubscribe

    Re: upgrade problems (FAQ's?), updatedb, man, man pages...

    Using Cygnus tools to deliver closed software.


    Which command to bump when M$ is non-posixish

    Why does telnet not work?

    Win32 Defines & C++

    Win95 4.00.095 B

    Windows 95B out of environment space problem

    windres.exe error?

    WinTerm Shell for Win32

    Writing NDIS drivers.

    Re: X Libs

    X11 and MINGW32


    Xlibs for Mingw32?

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